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Many things can make a movie a success or a failure. Direction, acting, production values, special
effects, editing, cinematography and the writing all contribute to a film’s overall feel and structure. One
very under rated aspect of a film’s identity is its soundtrack. Now not every great movie is going to have
a good soundtrack and not every good soundtrack was from a great movie but it is something to look at
when you choose to evaluate a film. Films that are 30 to 40 years old have songs that people still use as
ring tones today, you’ll hear the familiar tunes from “Star Wars” and “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”
on almost a daily basis.

Sometimes one song can define an entire film soundtrack. This was the case with the soundtrack to “The
Bodyguard”, which ended up being the highest selling film soundtrack. The entire success of this album
was film co-star Whitney Houston who had several songs featured. The most prominent song from that
film was also the most popular song of her catalogue, “I Will Always Love You”. The film was more of a
background player to that albums success.

A movie musical may have such a great selection of songs that the accompanying soundtrack to the film
will be almost as successful as the film. For example, “Grease” was a fun movie that many people are
very fond of. Even if you don’t like the acting or story, you have to love the great soundtrack hits like
“Hot Summer Nights” and “Grease Lightning”.

Sometimes a movie comes out at just the right time with a soundtrack that perfectly matches the mood
of the film and catches the ear of a whole generation. One great example of this is the soundtrack from
the original film version of “Footloose”. The Kenny Loggins title song is a great representation of the
children of the mid 80’s. Loggins is no stranger to film soundtrack success; he also had hits from the
soundtracks of other films like “Top Gun” and “Caddyshack.”

The Walt Disney Company really hit a few gold mines with their animated film releases of the 80’s and
90’s. They utilized great musicians and music writers to help the creation of film soundtracks for movies
such as “The Lion King” and “Tarzan”. Phil Collins and Elton John had some of their greatest successes
working on the soundtracks for these great films.

On great trend of Hollywood were the concert movies. Some of the greatest music soundtracks were
from great bands like the Beatles who had hit soundtracks from their movies “Help” and “Hard Day’s
Night”. Pop royalty, Prince, told his own unique story in his film “Purple Rain” and had some soundtrack
hits that almost certainly out earned the film.

Music will always be a part, sometimes the most enjoyable part, of a great film.If you love great
entertainment such as a show at the Savoy Theatre, a trip to the cinema to catch a film, or a great song
that inspires you then you can find the best of all of these in a great film soundtrack.


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