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The global language that is music: It is not necessary that you must know about the life history of one Bob Dylan to admire and appreciate him when he performs- “How many roads must a man walk down before you call him a man…” Nor are you required to have a complete understanding of grunge music to bow down to the iconic guitar progression that Kurt Cobain put in his song- “The man who sold the world.”

The effect of music is such that it has always succeeded in transcending the petty boundaries that define generations and nations. It is what forms the heart and soul of millions of individuals around the world. As a result tons of global destinations have opened up catering specifically to the needs of these music lovers. Be it a museum, a festival or simply an indie concert, music enthusiasts can now relate themselves to hundreds of destinations all around the world. If you are truly in love with music, here are some of the best destinations you should visit to have your share of this global romance.

• New York: Although this may be considered a broad topic, as a true music lover you will have plenty of options to visit in New York. Be it grungy underground music clubs or mainstream establishments, there is something on offer for everyone in this city. Staging of music festivals on every other weekend and daily local concerts define the non-stop music scene of New York.

• Motown Museum, Detroit, Michigan: If you are a fan of soul, blues or to a certain degree, rap music, then the Motown Museum is one place you should definitely be visiting. An establishment whose prime focus is to preserve the history of the Motown record label, this place is sure to send chills running down your spine.

• Congo Square, New Orleans: Irrespective of the time of day (or night, for that matter) this is one place where you can always find great music playing in true local flavour. Every day, this place plays host to a music festival known as the New Worlds Rhythms Festival where you can find numerous cultural attractions and plenty of jazz music.

• Memphis: Apart from being the home of Graceland, Memphis is also renowned for being the cradle of many established as well as emerging musicians. This is also the place where Stax Record Labels had its inception, making Memphis an excellent music scene that is full of artists who are trying to make it big on the world stage.

• Glastonbury Festival, UK: If you have the willingness to travel, then you will definitely come across some of the best music festivals that the world has to offer. The Glastonbury festival, featuring music from emerging as well as established talents on the same platform, is the largest such open air festival being hosted around the world. Spectators and performers alike flock to this event from all around the globe, one to show their skills and the other to see what they have got.

• Outside Lands Festival, San Francisco: An arts and music festival held annually at the Golden Gate Park, it features a number of musical acts such as The Strokes, My Morning Jacket and Wolfmother. The prime focus of this festival does not centre around presenting the masses with new music but also fine art, food and wine.

• Grand Ole Opry, Nashville: For decades, the opry has formed an integral part of America’s history and to be present in person for a performance is an unforgettable experience. Apart from having a museum, the opry also hosts live concerts by both current stars as well as music legends.

• International Music Festival, Prague: Musicians who feature at this festival are sorted out from a pool of worthy applicants from all around the world so you can well understand the level of performance you can expect from the performers. Whether you come across indie or established performers, they will make you realize how much they love their craft.

• Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, California: What was originally built as a restaurant is now one of the best music destinations in the country. Apart from offering accommodation to the guests, this place plays host to all forms of musical performers, classical or otherwise.

Travel documents: As you can see, most of the destinations mentioned here are in the USA. So if you are planning to visit, then it is essential that you possess the appropriate travel documents. Find out whether your native country is a part of the Visa Waiver Scheme of the government so that you can make arrangements for your ESTA USA approval accordingly. For the ones that are located in other countries such as UK or Czech Republic, valid documents as mandated by the respective national governments should be enough to permit you access to the country. By having all your travel documents in order, you can experience a hassle-free tour as you travel from one place to another, revelling in the joy and romance of visiting the ultimate music destinations in the world.



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