Rock Stars and Breast Surgery

July 19, 2014Digital0 comments


There are many reasons that an average person would visit a breast clinic or research breast surgeons. Some reasons may be medical and some reasons may be cosmetic. Unlike the popular opinion, breast surgery is not the exclusive realm of the celebrity. More and regular citizens often seek out the help of the industry elite to help them with their respective breast related issues.

Playboy centerfolds such as Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith were well known recipients of generous breast enhancements from the best of the best of cosmetic and breast surgeons. Showgirls and high level exotic dancers are able to excuse the cost of breast enhancement surgery as a necessary expense of plying their trade.

One entertainment avenue that isn’t as well known for having performers who seek out breast clinic assistance in advancing their career is the world of music. Many famous musicians have gone under the knife to enhance their assets to make their appearance more cosmetically pleasing in order to enhance their record sales.

Old school rap star Lil’ Kim is one entertainer that used breast enhancement surgery to make the consumer take notice. Her ample bosom was always well focused upon on her many performances and videos that launcher her to stardom. Prior to getting the boob job Kim struggled to get noticed in the world of hip hop and not so coincidentally lined up exactly with her rise in the industry. Nicki Minaj is a much more current example of a diva taking full advantage of her surgically enhanced curves to make the audiences stand up and take notice of her art. ( learn more about the surgery here) The R&B songstress hit the charts with her big singles such as “Va Va Voom”, “Pound the Alarm”, “Starships”, “Super Bass” and “Pills N Potions”.

Pop Music superstar Britney Spears made a splash in the music industry while just a teenager and since then her legend has grown in size as has her ample breasts. Spears appeared to have her first breast augmentation surgery while just a teenager and has used her change in cup size as a running gag that she even parodied on Saturday Night Live.

Music superstars and Hall of Famers ranging from Dolly Parton to Janet Jackson have all used breast surgery to help make an impact on record buyers, some have had more success than others but if it got people talking about them and got more ears on their music, then the mission was ably considered a success.

This post is from the crew at Dr. Simon Weight from Hollywood Breast Clinic in Perth.


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