The Effect of Music Played in Casinos

May 10, 2014Digital0 comments


Casino operators are geniuses when it comes to creating an environment which puts their customers in the right frame of mind to gamble and have a good time. In addition to controlling the layout of the casino, the color scheme, the staff uniforms, and even the way the air in a casino smells, casinos also spend a lot of time making sure that the music they play perfectly puts players in a gambling mood.

Slot machine music is very important. It needs to promote excitement, winning, and a positive environment. During the game, the music should be fast and fun, with sound effects that conjure up thoughts of winning such as cheers and coins clinking together.

Slot machine music and sound effects are even more important at an online casino, where all the other positive sounds from a land-based casino are absent. The music should absorb the player and fully immerse them in the excitement of the game.

On the other hand, the music played at an online blackjack table should be soft, relaxing, and muted, allowing the player to fully concentrate on the decisions they have to make. Some online casinos don’t offer music at all at their online blackjack tables.

When it comes to the general music played in the background of an online or land-based casino, the choice of music comes down to the theme of the casino and the target demographic. Whatever will make people in that demographic more comfortable is what is played. For instance, Wild West themed casinos might play country music and Elvis tunes, while a casino going for hip, young clientèle tends to play more top 40 music.



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