Types of Insurances for Independent Musicians

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Independent musicians are not only in charge of their music but also their life and business. They make their own decisions that are guided by personal values and goals. However, this freedom comes with certain responsibilities, such as acquiring insurance. Most professional independent musicians are not aware of the importance of insurance coverage. Below are some basic kinds of insurance that every independent musician must consider getting.

Instrument cover

As an independent musician, you have invested heavily in your musical instruments, such as a bass guitar, a piano or a violin, among other. There are also other accompaniments, backing tracks and PA equipment. Most of these instruments are fragile and very expensive to replace in case of a loss or breakdown. Most home insurance covers in the market do not provide coverage for expensive equipment that is used outside home. This makes it necessary for any independent musician to purchase a musical instrument cover separately. Remember that sudden loss or breakdown of equipment or instruments can bring down your career. Several UK insurance companies provide this type of insurance to independent musicians, and all you need is to shop around for an affordable quote. 

Health cover

Health insurance is mandatory for any independent musician because it reduces the risk of financial burden associated with sickness. A basic health cover ensures that the musician can access both inpatient and outpatient services anytime they need them. Musicians are always travelling to different parts of the country or world to perform, making it necessary to have a health cover that can cater for any medical emergencies. Travelling to different places increases the likelihood of getting illnesses, so a medical cover is very important. The health insurance you choose should cover things such as accidental injury and loss of voice, as well as protect the singer against losses if they are forced to cancel a show because of illness. 

Public utility

This type of insurance provides coverage for any claim made against the independent musician. For example, if a person attending a musical concert is injured by a falling instrument, they can demand for compensation from the entertainer. Public utility insurance covers against such injuries. This insurance is usually provided by some trade organisations to its members or as a discount after purchasing other types of insurance covers. However, if it is not provided, it is highly recommended that the musician purchases it separately. 


For a musician, peace of mind is very important to concentrate on his music and create music notes. As such other insurance like travel insurance and ppi insurance are also necessary. Travel insurance will cover losses, either medical, travel supplier’s financial default and so on that is incurred during travel. On the other hand missold ppi in case of ppi insurance will be helpful to pay EMI’s of a loan( when PPI insurance is taken along with the loan), if they are not in a position to repay, due to disability or death in unwanted circumstances. After all, financial security is essential for peace of mind!


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