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Your wedding music can set the tone for your entire event, and choosing the right songs is an important decision to consider carefully. Your wedding music will need to suit your setting, and the instruments that you select are important.

A Wedding Videographer for Your Nuptials

Your wedding videographer can help you decide about your plans, and may have several tapes to review that can provide a preview. You can check out some example wedding video here. Looking over past wedding ceremonies with a wedding videographer can be helpful and allow you to see and hear how certain music selections are received. An audience for a wedding event will appreciate the extra time you take to have wedding music that suits your setting and theme.

Wedding Settings and Themes

Your wedding can take place in a church, and this choice of setting can include religious music or more traditional wedding songs. A person who is attending a church wedding will expect that the music chosen is either religious or more traditional. You can choose more contemporary songs for a church wedding, but these songs are more classic in style and theme as well. Instruments chosen for an indoor wedding need to be appropriate for large indoor settings, since some instruments tend to echo inside.

Outdoor Weddings and Musicians

Outdoor weddings can manage musical instruments that are louder and have more resonance. Vocalists who sing at an outdoor wedding need to have a voice that can be heard easily outdoors. You may need to have an outdoor microphone and amplifier for any solo artists, for example. How many songs that are sung by your featured singer can range from one to two. Musicians hired for your important day should be listened to ahead of time. You may want to attend a concert or other wedding that any singer or musician has performed for, ahead of time. This previewing can help to avoid surprises.


Deciding about your wedding music is an important choice. Your music needs to be appropriate for the setting of your nuptials. Previewing any musical talent that you select is an important step. You can ask that a musician send a tape of their performances. Your music selection can be traditional for a church wedding and more contemporary for other settings. Outdoor weddings have their own challenges, and finding the right singer and instruments for outside should be completed with the outdoors in mind.


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